raar (Dutch): 1. strange, not normal

Founded by Leo Rapini and inspired by the works of Henri de Saint-Simon, RAAR is a collective group of artists and theorists who believe in the power of the arts to shape the world we live in.

“It is we artists who will serve as your vanguard; the power of the arts is indeed most immediate and the quickest. We possess arms of all kinds: when we want to spread new ideas among men, we inscribe them upon marble or upon a canvas; we popularize them through poetry and through song; we employ by turns the lyre and the flute, the ode and the song, the story and the novel; the dramatic stage is spread out before us, and it is there that we exert a galvanizing and triumphant influence. We address ourselves to man’s imagination and to his sentiments. We therefore ought always to exert the most lively and decisive action."
Henry de Saint-Simon

About Leo

The difficult intersection of art and business is Leo's sweet spot.

His expertise in creativity and entertainment has helped both artists and Fortune 500 executives alike to create and live out more compelling narratives for their lives.

Leo is the founder of Coaching Criativos, a leading coaching firm in the creative industry in Brazil and is Head Storyteller at INTERTAIN, a production company based in São Paulo and Hollywood that transforms real stories into first-class entertainment.

His resume is available on LinkedIn.