A creative process to reintroduce domesticated artists into the wild side of art.


Artists shouldn’t be domesticated. But the business (and busyness) of life naturally brings out the tamed version of ourselves. That is reflected in the art we create and the constant paradoxal feeling of both boredom and anxiety.

The process of taming an animal or an artist and keeping it as a pet or on a farm.

To escape this domesticated state, one must defy the gravity of normality. You must face the fear of rejection, turn risk-taking into your new best friend and fuel the flame of curiosity. Everyday.

It takes both practice and courage. It takes craftsmanship and a profound desire to create something worthwhile. It takes abandonment and commitment. It takes, you.

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The Program

It is not a course. It’s a journey.

To ensure you will both retain the content and develop new creative habits, we've designed our program around four key pillars.


Knowledge is central; the 'what' is only relevant when accompanied by the 'why'.


Gain new insights through exploration and testing.


Without practice, it’s all just bullshit.


“The most basic form of human stupidity is forgetting what we are trying to accomplish." Nietzsche

The curriculum is structured in Seasons and Episodes. This way, you can binge on it or take your time, incorporating it into your daily life. Check out the full curriculum bellow.

How It Works?

It's a conversation.

There are no lectures, no videos, no e-books.

Just as if you had hired a coach or consultant, your humanoid guide will share its expertise and industry insight, providing you with increasingly personalized tasks and recommendations.

As you achieve milestones and submit your tasks, you will receive reports and advance on your journey.

To start, all you need is:




Your guide will instruct you on the first steps as you sign up. But if you are still curious, and need to know more now, check out our FAQ page.


Our autonomous program is 100% free.

You’ll go over the whole program accompanied by our very own (never forgetful) bot. All interactions take place through e-mail, telegram and instagram. You will upload your tasks through our online platform and will get weekly reports on your progress.

We also offer a human version of the program. You can read about it here.

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